Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

What are Anti cholesterol Super foods?

If you want to reduce cholesterol levels you need to know what foods to eat to help you reach the goal, of course. Like many things in life, nature has provided solutions to problems we face with cholesterol and this is true. You can get your blood back in shape just to learn about cholesterol lowering super foods 7 and start an exercise regime if you don't already have one. Let's look at these 7 foods that have the ability to change your life for the better and you live better and help: Top of the list is nuts like these come with various other health benefits that makes them the perfect way to increase HDL cholesterol levels in the blood (' good ' cholesterol) and improve the ratio of good cholesterol to bad in your body as a whole. You want to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (also considered ' bad ' cholesterol) too, along with eating less fatty foods, you should also trying to eat cooked tomatoes every day, who have proved to have properties similar to Statins in reducing the production of cholesterol from the body. With just these two things are already doing quite well, but if you add in more fish into your diet and then give you a tasty low-calorie meal, as well as a natural and healthy dose of omega-3 fats, which have been shown to combat cholesterol, and provide numerous other benefits. Do you want more? Avocado ben has also been shown to have a positive benefit on cholesterol levels and improve your blood, all while helping to get more good cholesterol in your system too. It's not all just more good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol though. You can also eat foods that have been proven to protect your heart. Spinach is one of these foods, the high levels of lutein therein have proven to protect your heart and is also a great way to get plenty of iron in the body without having to eat tons of meat. Let's face it, we all like the occasional drink as well. Never fear, because if you drink the odd glass of red wine you can get a good dose of fiber that will help reduce cholesterol levels, allowing you to have a little fun and let off some steam at the same time as well. Finally, a drink anymore. Tea is known to have many magical qualities, and one of these qualities is the ability to reduce cholesterol levels in a few weeks. The best way to do this is with straight black tea (without milk). In summary, you want to drink plenty of wine, black tea and of course water. While dinner time you need to think of fish, spinach, cooked tomatoes and avocado. If it's time for a snack then head for the nuts. Keep that in mind and you should be able to reduce levels of cholesterol to healthier levels without the need of statins. Paul is interested in natural healing and ways to stay healthy without the side effects of various medications. Visit her site here and see what has to say about a healthy diet.

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